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Those who succeed at online casino gambling all have the similar traits that set the apart from the masses of asses that lose regularly and never make a profit. For the few that actually win at online casino gambling those traits would include a detachment from any emotion, an ability to think rather than feel, and the ability to maintain cool under fire. Winners also approach an online casino with a vision and a plan and always know exactly what to do no matter what the situation is.

The typical gambler likes to wager with his gut, rather than his head and this causes problems right from the get go. When you wager based on feelings, you ask to be “hit” at Blackjack when holding a nineteen and other buffoon like ignorant moves that fly into the face of hard mathematics. When you feel rather than think you lose all ability to judge and rate odds and thus forfeit the basic laws of gambling itself.

The ability to withstand tough times and not crack over bad beats and losing streaks is another characteristic of the winner. Far too few gamblers can handle losing, and even fewer still can handle winning, which is what keeps the online casinos in business.

The lack of a plan or a vision is another key ingredient towards failure for gamblers. Far too many gamblers just “wing it” and do so without any logic or reasoning. To many gamblers a bankroll is whatever is in their account and money management is betting until they are cleaned out.

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