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Online Casino Realism

Realism is not just a useful weapon to get through the game of life but it is also a most useful weapon in dealing with an online casino gambling career. Realism is methodical and rational. It is well thought out and based on homework and research and facts. Realism is not based on dreams or irrational follies. If you want to succeed at online casino gambling you must be realistic at all times with your expectations, your goals, and your actual playing style and conduct.

Realism is NOT thinking that you are going to make a few bets and retire. That is insanity and not possible. Realism is the realization that to make it at online casino gambling, one must be in for the long haul and the grind and to be able to eke out profits over the long term at a little bit better percentage than break even. To put this another way, realism is realizing that there is a house edge in every game that you wager on and this is a hard numeric mathematical truth that is not going away. You are behind before you ever start gambling at an online casino. The key is learning how to cope with that and to develop a way of dealing with it. Beyond that it is developing a respect for the challenge!

Keep in mind that the root word of realism is REAL. And that’s what a gambler must keep it when he enters action at an online casino. He must keep it REAL!

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