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Respect: The Golden Rule of Online Gambling

When you think of success at online casino gambling you may think of elaborate strategies, systems, percentages, odds, and different scenarios on when to “pull the trigger,”

Yet beyond those obvious thoughts a word that gets lost in the shuffle is the word “respect.” And that word could be the most powerful of all when it comes to success at online casino gambling.

Respect starts with the entire online gambling process itself. You must respect the odds and mathematical gravity that you will be going up against. The house has the edge and you will be at a disadvantage. To blow that off and not respect that reality is only going to cause your bankroll to bust in short order.

Next you must respect yourself. First is having a money management system that is responsible and that will keep you from going broke on your first day as you make a fool out of yourself.

Respecting yourself means knowing when to walk away and knowing how to lose the right way. You must respect the fact that nobody is so special that they will escape losses and tough losses. It’s part of what you “sign up for” when you take on gambling at online casinos.

Respect each game you play by learning the best bets and the smart way to play rather than just winging it. The more respect you show to each game that you play the more you will get back and out of it.

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