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The Expansion of Baccarat at the Online Casino

It wasn’t that long ago that playing baccarat was only for the high rollers. That has changed as more people are taking up this very easy and potentially profitable game.

Before there were online casinos the only people who ever played baccarat were the high rollers because land-based casinos didn’t offer baccarat to regular gamblers. It was a high roller game only and unless you had big money you didn’t play. Those days are over. You can now play baccarat at most online casinos and the minimum bets are usually the same as you would see in blackjack, craps, roulette, etc. It is common to see $1 or $5 minimum wagers for baccarat.

The great part about playing online baccarat is that the game is one of the best in the online casino for the player. The house edge is lower than on almost any game. The house edge is just over 1% on the banker and house hands. The game is simple so the only choice you have is which hand to bet on. And no, you don’t want to bet the tie as it is the only bad bet in baccarat as it has a high house edge.

Check out online baccarat today and start playing this game that used to be only for the high rollers.

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