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Top 5 Online Casino Bets

The best online casino games to play are the ones that have the lowest house edge. And there are definitely some games where your chances of winning are better than others. Let’s look at the top five online casino bets.

1. Poker – When you play poker at the online casino you are playing against other players and not the house. There is a rake or tournament fee but if you are a skilled player you can make money.

2. Blackjack – If you play perfect strategy and manage your money you can reduce the house edge in blackjack down under one percent.

3. Video Poker – There are some video poker machines that have a payback near 100%. It is hard to argue with a game in which you nearly get all of your money back and have a chance to win jackpots.

4. Craps (Pass, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come) – These four bets have a house edge over just over one percent and you can lower that edge when you take odds.

5. Baccarat (Banker) – One of the best bets in the online casino is also the easiest as you don’t need to know anything. Simply bet on the banker and the house edge is 1.06 percent. Betting on the player is also not a bad bet at 1.24% but it is not quite as good as betting the banker hand.

Check out these five online casino bets the next time you are playing at the online casino.

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