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Best Bets to Make at the Online Casino

You hear all the time about the bets you shouldn’t make at the online casino like the tie in baccarat, the any seven in craps, keno, etc. What about the good bets to make at the online casino? Let’s take a look at some of those.

The two best games to play at the online casino are craps and baccarat. The house has the lowest edge on those two games if you make the right bets. The two best bets to make in craps are the pass line and don’t pass line bets. The house edge on these wagers is just over 1%. The bet to make in baccarat is on the banker’s hand as the edge for the house is just over 1%. You can also bet the player’s hand as the house edge is only slightly higher at 1.24%. While craps and baccarat are excellent games for the player, you have to avoid making some of the props bets in craps and you never want to bet the tie in baccarat.

Another solid game to play at the online casino is blackjack but only if you know and practice solid blackjack strategy. Many people don’t make smart decisions so the house edge goes up. If you play correctly you can get the house edge to under 1%.

The other solid online casino game to play is Pai Gow Poker where the house edge is about 2.5%.

If you stick to the above mentioned games at the online casino you will increase your chances of winning money.

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