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Online Casino Card Counting

It is well known that card counting works in regular casinos, but does it work at online casinos? The answer to question is no.

For those who are just getting their feet wet with online blackjack, card counting is a skill that blackjack players use in land casinos to help tilt the odds in their favor. This skill employs a counting system of some variety of another; some are more complex and others are very simple. Good card counting requires hours of practice in order to keep the count and do the math in your heard without any outward sign of what you are doing among the distractions of a casino floor. The purpose of card counting is for the blackjack player to know whether or not the remainder of the un-played cards are rich in cards that favor the player, such as 10’s, face cards and Aces. When the count indicates that the cards are there the player will increase his wager in order to win more from the house.

The reason card counting can’t be used online is the majority of online casinos have Random Number Generator (RNG) which shuffle the cards after each and every hand but giving the illusion that no cards have been discarded, therefore making it impossible to card count. This is not the work of the online casino but the nature and programming of online blackjack.

An increasing trend is to have live dealer blackjack online. This form of blackjack accurately simulates the sort of games you would find in a regular casino as the decks are not shuffled after each round.

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