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Mistakes that add to the House Edge

Let’s face the facts up front, when you enter an online casino for gambling action you are facing mathematical odds that are against you and that no system can trick or over come. So while the mathematical physics dictate that it is more likely for you to lose than to win there are some things that you can do to give yourself a fighting chance as well as mistakes that you simply cannot afford to make as they will only add to the already solid and sure house edge.

Betting on games that you do not have a full understanding and expertise on is one of the most common mistakes made in online casino gambling. By making wagers on something that you lack knowledge in you are basically lighting a match to your cash and giving free comps to the online casino. Aren’t you the one that is supposed to get the comps?

Bad bets are another way to give the house a bigger advantage. Even players that have good knowledge of the games that they are playing will make this critical mistake. There are good bets and there are stupid bets. The best gamblers know the difference.

Playing with emotion and without a solid plan is yet another way to destroy yourself and add to the house edge. Emotion must be checked at the door when you enter an online casino as it’s the most expensive commodity around. Emotion ignores logic and encourages reckless play and low percentage bets.

Greed is yet another bankroll buster that adds to the house edge. Conservative play is not only prudent but smart. Greed is not good with online casino gambling.

The house already has the edge. Your job is to not add to it.

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