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Online Casino Keno

Playing Keno at the online casino is very similar to playing Keno at a land-based casino but there are a few differences. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Playing Keno at the online casino is very easy. The most popular way to play keno is with a straight ticket by marking the numbers you want to come up. The most numbers you can mark off varies, but it won’t exceed 20 because that is the number of balls that are drawn.

In addition to the straight ticket you can also choose the “way ticket.” In this case you are marking two or more sets of numbers. Another type of ticket is called a combination ticket. In this ticket you combine the groups that were separate on way tickets. Another type of ticket is a King ticket. These numbers are single numbers used in combination with other groups of numbers. King numbers can be used on the straight ticket, the way ticket and combination tickets. Some people like to play tickets like the Top/Bottom, Left/Right, and the Edge. The Top/Bottom has you taking top or bottom numbers, the Left/Right has you playing left or right numbers while the Edge has you playing all the numbers along the edge.

You should know going in that Keno is a game where the house has a high edge. The goal when playing Keno is to get lucky and hit a big score. Forget about trying to grind out a profit in Keno as it can’t be done. Hope to get lucky and enjoy playing online casino Keno.

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