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Improving Your Chances Playing Keno at the Online Casino

You probably have played keno at one time or another but you may not play anymore because the house percentage is too high. Is there a way to lower the house edge and make more money playing keno at the online casino?

When you play keno at the online casino you are probably going to play a straight ticket when you mark off certain numbers. The maximum number of spots you can mark off depends on the online casino, but the limit will never exceed 20 as that is the amount of balls that are drawn. You may always want to play a way ticket which is simply one ticket that marks off two or more sets of numbers.

There are other types of tickets as well including the 3-way ticket and the King ticket. There are also Top/Bottom, Left/Right, and Edge tickets you can play.

Now, back to the original question, can you improve your chances of winning money at keno? The answer is yes but it only as it relates to how you manage your money. The house edge is simply too high to overcome in keno and you have to get lucky and hit a jackpot or keno will not be profitable. What you can do is manage your money so that you don’t risk too much of your overall bankroll because you can’t hit a jackpot if you don’t have any money to play.

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