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Online Casino Bankrolls Vary Based on Game Volatility

When you decide how big a bankroll you need when playing online casino games you should be aware of each game’s volatility. You need a bigger bankroll for games like poker or craps while you can get away with a smaller bankroll for games like slots and video poker.

When you play a game like video poker or when you play the slots, you are going to get a return on a regular basis. The house edge is not that high and you will get something back on many of your spins. That is not always the case when you play poker or when you play craps. You might get on a bad run that depletes your bankroll. The house edge isn’t necessarily any higher in those games but you can run into hot and cold streaks more often than in a game like video poker.

When you have games that have low volatility like slots and video poker you can be more aggressive with your bankroll. You don’t have to take 200 or 300x the amount you are playing to be safe which is something you really should do when playing poker. You can play with a smaller overall bankroll in games like video poker, slots and even blackjack to a point.

Keep game volatility in mind when you prepare your bankroll for casino games at the online casino.

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